DAD book

My latest project was to take pictures for the DAD book for Clarie’s company. I was really excited about the MOM book because it was so pretty. But my heart just sank when I saw the DAD book initially. The color was really plain, the design was uninspiring, and the mock up I got used a paper stock that’s glaring which means it reflects light funny. I dreaded taking pictures for it for a while, not to mention I didn’t like several of the ideas of the scene I came up with such as the library, or a desk, etc. But this morning I decided to just do something with it, hoping that ideas will come as I get started. Sure enough, I headed over to the Essential baking company cafe for some coffee, thinking of the red brick walls and large windows they have. And sure enough, things got rolling really fast after I got my coffee. And btw, the coffee came in a purple cup. My initial response was, purple? purple?!! my least favorite color. But it actually complemented the colors of the DAD book really well. I got Clarie’s and my favorite news paper, NY times, spread it out on a large round table. These pretty shots just kept pouring out. Really satisfied with the final product.

JMG_1792[2] JMG_1793[2] JMG_1759[1] JMG_1781[2] JMG_1776[1] JMG_1780[2]

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