A walk on campus in the spring

The cherry blossoms on campus always sneak in during spring break. My favorites are the ones that show sunlight shining through the dense branches of flowers, casting shadows, putting on a dramatic display on a gloomy afternoon.

JMG_1753[2] JMG_1751[1] JMG_1748[1] JMG_1746[1] JMG_1737[1]

This is the grand staircase in the newly remodeled Suzzalo Library. I remember Blake and Jason made fun of the UW architecture at one point. Now I’m back looking at it again, I still really love it, simple, clean, grand, and romantic.

JMG_1729[2] JMG_1728[2] JMG_1727[2] JMG_1726[2] JMG_1731[1]

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