Dance Performance 2007

I finally finished wo full days of dance performance including three shows and endless technical rehearsals. We practically lived in the theater for over 12 hours a day. Each of shows consisted of 24 dances, danced by Hengda’s students, ranging from 5yo to above 60yo. Marsha was in a dance depicing a tragic romantic story. Clarie did a bamboo dance with lots of challenging techniques. I was in a tai chi inspired dance that accenturates circular motion, balance and inner strength. All three of us really enjoyed our dances and did a fantastic job.

I was in three dances, one solo and two group with lead roles. Almost all my effort went into the solo. I remember being really stressed out with not having had any stage time to rehearse the dance, getting really depressed that Blake wasn’t coming, and getting super nervous even in dances that I had known for over 10 years. But on Saturday night, before I was supposed to go on stage, I couldn’t believe that all the nervousness was all out of window. I found more strength in my body than ever. During the dance, I really got engaged into the dance mentally and physically. I was able to gauge my own strength in the dance that used to put me out of breath half way, maintained great stability, and of course, staying cool for this kung fu dance. I remember smiling at one point in this dance that I am not supposed to smile at all. It was because this dance inspires one to be strong, to work hard, and to be centered, which are all qualities that I appreciate in life. It naturally produces happy molecules in me.

I wish I could do the dance again on stage so I could perfect it; I know I could do so much better. After finishing the dance, all the worries were gone. I found strength to succeed, to move on, to be happy again.

JMG_1693[2] JMG_1705[1] JMG_1710[1]

Is this going to be my last performance? probably not. I love dancing and performing Chinese dance. I know the limitation of my body. I have two of my best friends who are great and inspiring dancers that I admire. This is a place where I belong.

(Some pictures from the studio)

JMG_1524[1].jpg JMG_1432[1].jpg JMG_1437[1].jpg JMG_1406[1].jpg JMG_1469[1].jpg JMG_1453[1].jpg

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