Birthday Tea Party

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Haven’t been posting to my photo blog for a while, not because I was lazy but because there was only time to take pictures and no time to blog during the holidays. Marsha’s birthday fell right before Christmas, so I hosted a little tea party for her. Unlike my tea parties in the past that consist of more than 12 people at a time, this one was just the way we liked it, small and intimate with lots of tasty food for only three of us. We are small girls but we CAN eat. All the food you see in the pictures were all gone by the end of four hours. Clarie made those really adorable and tasty truffles. I had stayed up until 2am the night before to prep for the sandwiches: chicken chipotle, smoked salmon on picklets, and minty cucumber. The tarts were so easy to make and won lots of ums and aws: smoked gouda with pears on top over puff pastry, nutella and raspberry,… yum!

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