Thanksgiving dinner

I love to cook and bake, but I usually get so wind up in the act and forget to take pictures of the stuff I make. After admiring and enjoying quite a few food blogs, I decided to try to make a point to do so. For Thanksgiving this year, my mom went back to China, left Patrick, Blake and I to celebrate on our own. I thought it a great op to try out some new recipes. This is a panzanella salad with corn bread from Giada’s Everyday Italian on the Foodnetwork. It was excellent, lemon juice on soaked into the corn bread was my favorite. I substituted the fontina cheese in the original recipe with pearl Mazarella. They were cute but not nearly as flavorful. Anyways, everyone loved it. Blake helped me make almond cookies that curl up. They are crunchy and fragrant. Blake made a beautiful and yummy cosmopolitan. The entree was a leg of lamb that I bought from TJ’s, preseasoned. I was really happy the way it turned out. It was especially good with caramelized onion and porcini mushrooms. Unfortunately, I was so excited about eating it and forgot to take pictures again. The three of us inhaled the dinner really fast, partially because it was really hard to keep everything warm. But we succeeded in not stuffing ourselves.

JMG_0771[1] JMG_0770[2] JMG_0766[1]

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