Product Photo Project 2

I’ve finally finished my second product photo project after Clarie’s. The project turned out to be more challenging than I thought. The the products are mostly books. It turned out that it’s not easy to shoot things flat and have them still look attractive. I couldn’t settle for just taking the pictures of these books in sterile white backdrops, so I started putting props in. Arranging them in the background to give texture, scene, or color compilments. One of the problems that I didn’t anticipate was the material of the print stock. They are often glossy, which produce unpleasant glare. The client’s need is to showcase her designed books, which is reflected in the final ones she chose. It seems that that the horizontal pictures are more welcome than the verticle ones. Last but not the least, warm tone, texture of the books, soft focus made the pictures more pleasant than catalog pictures. Clarie said that my pictures are like Pottery Barn catalog pictures. Here are a couple of my favorites from the two full day of work.

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