A day in a cat's life


JMG_0018.jpg JMG_0025.jpg JMG_0016.jpg

Sousa is a very hansome cat, and he knows it. He has his serious moments, which makes him look like a knowledgable scholar. He gets distracted easily. Then he becomes like a boy.

JMG_0086.jpg JMG_0088.jpg

Sousa’s talents? getting attention by being really naughty, being really affectionate with his daddy, chassing a laser red dot, and roll-over on the ground (only when he wants to).

Most of the time, you guessed it, he sleeps and grooms. We often think those are his most adorable moments b/c he’s actually not bothering us.

JMG_0127.jpg JMG_0129.jpg JMG_0133.jpg JMG_0103.jpg JMG_0102.jpg

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