Lake Serene

I went hiking at Lake Serene last weekend. Even though it was an unmapped trail, with descriptions that threatens hikers with 3000ft ascent in 2.5 miles, the parking lot was packed by the time we reached there. The first 1.5mi was an easy hike through the forest. Someone apparently got bored. Then we reached a junction. We took a right, half a mile later we reached the Bridal Veil Falls. One can walk really close up to the falls for some refreshing spray.

IMG_9904[2] IMG_9920[1] IMG_9923[1]

Returning to the junction, the other leg took us on a 2 mi hike (one way) up a steep, rocky path to Lake Serene. The trail was incredibly brilliantly green at some places. The tall canopy regrown from a clear cut in the past let in streaks of sun light that highlighted little patches of beautiful undergrowth.

IMG_9930[2] IMG_9901[1] IMG_9898[1] IMG_9939[1] IMG_9934[2]

The hike was rigorous but we thought it was much more fun. The view of the valley on one side of the trail was gorgeous.

IMG_9943[1] IMG_9944[2] IMG_9988[1] IMG_9993[2]

Temperature dropped significantly for the last 1/4 mile. The peace and beauty of Lake Serene took our breath away and thought the work was totally worthwhile.The hills on the side of the lake was still covered with little patches of snow.

IMG_9970[2] IMG_9987[1]

We sat at the top of the mountain for a long time talking. Before we knew it, it was 630. The way down was much faster although I sprang my ankle.

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