pizza pizza from our own home

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Thanks to Jason Peacock for kindly sharing his photos from the party. These pictures look better after some default processing in

Blake and I got our similar friends together, mostly from Amazon, for a race-and-bake party. We saw the new pixar movie ‘cars’ in the afternoon, and returned to Blake’s condo for the pizza party. We made the pizza dough two days ago. Jason C, Blake, Matt, and I spent an hour prepping for the ingredients before other guests arrivng. Jason made the fruit salad from beginning to end. When everything was ready, the vegeis were cut, roasted, cheese shaved, all toppings laid out, and our guests arrived, we cranked the oven to 550F high and the AC down to 63F, the party finally got stated.

We had everyone make their own pizza from balls of dough that we made two days previously. People topped them with whatever they feel like. Almost everyone had a succesful pizza except Jason P’s was so heavy that the dough kind of jumbled up with the ingredients as we shoved the collapsing pizza onto the pizza stone. I made a mascopone artechoke mushroom pancetta pizza, and then a salami calzone. Both were experimental recipes for me and they turned out well. Later on, we played Pixar trivia created by Blake. Questions like Pixar’s first product, first TV commerical product, etc just went way over my head. Not surprisingly, Jason C and Matt got 15 points out of 20. Quite impressive!

At the end of the night, Blake and I had a lot of fun hosting our first party. I was really happy that Jenny and Kate showed up or else I’d be the lonely cinderella. Fortunately, the guys were excellent sous chefs. One great thing about the party was that the pizza were especially yummy because the ingredients were fresh and they were our own labor of “love.”

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