Farewell to Aya

IMG_9274, originally uploaded by Cocoa_Dream.

Aya’s moving back to Japan for good, married to Daichan a while back. It’s sad because our girls’ group is getting smaller and smaller with both Aya and Orn getting married. (Orn didn’t come today, probably busy spending time with hubby.) Well, it will be much better with Yin coming back to Seattle in the summer. Oh, one more sad news, Yamasan, Aya’s family sushi business, the best in the whole Seattle area, has closed. Her parents have decided to retire because they finished raising all of their kids.

I should try to look forward to something more positive. We’ll have a place to stay and a friend to visit when we go to Japan. The world is so small, with all the technology, communication and keep in touch is piece of cake. Further more, all of us will get married eventually. We might as well get used to it now. (How come we didn’t get to go to any of the weddings?) I do think it’s important to remain geographically close to my friends and family still.

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