FRC Team 1039, Portland, 2006

Team Photo
Our t-shirts say “chicks dig guys that build robots”

What a weekend! Team 1039 and its robot competed in the 2006 First Robotics Competition. We did really well, ranked 17 out of the 45 northwest regional teams. Even though we didnt’ get into the finals, it was obvious that we had built a great robot, that shoots really well. Unfortunately, our robot was a bit top heavy with the shooter on top. Strategically, it was supposed to avoid being block by other robots while shooting. But this hindered us from going up the ramp for the third round. The robot also tend to fall over easily.

Our robot making a beautiful shot

During the matches, there were times when we had to fix the robots last minute, do a lot of fine tuning, or cheering for the team, watching other teams’ great plays. Everyone had a great time.

[My Flickr Set] [Scott’s Flickr Set]

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