Asian American Engineering Award Banquet

Clarie pinning corsage for one of the awardees of the evening

[Flikr Set:Asian American Engineering Conference]

Thanks to Clarie, I got to be one of the hostesses/escorts for this last weekend’s Asian American Engineering Award Banquet. I was really excited because I really wanted to meet and shake hands with some of these really famous and successful people like the nobel prize laureat Lee Yuan Tseh. It was inspiring to hearing them talk about the secrets to their success. My favorite speaker was the keynote speaker, S.K. Gupta, VP of operations from Lockheed Martin. He said that the key to success are 1. do it from your heart 2. ask for what you need 3. be exceptionally good. He prompted people to dream big, dream with risks. Work hard, but learn work/life balance. Bring some fun into the work you are doing. He prompted the Asian in America to be willing to become leaders in their communities and work. I love that message because I always pondered why people like my mom, who are exceptionally good at what they do but are unwilling to be in the limelight. I’ve been thinking whether I could be a leader, what it takes to be a leader.

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