fish ginger’s obituary

Ginger is the yellow fish in the picture.

Name: Ginger
Type: Guppy
Sex: Male
Color: Yellow, orange stripe on the back, white belly
Date: Feb 14, 2006 (Valentine’s Day)
Time: unknown
Cause: nature (no known existing disease)
Location:Underneath a fake water plant
Burial: trash can
Survived # of water change: 0

Ginger passed away a “happy” and “healthy” guppy, with a respectable name. He was survived by his new family/tank-mates: Pomegranate (platy), Basil Darwin (guppy), Cilantro (guppy), and Passion (guppy). He will be remembered. There won’t be any more confusion regarding “who’s who” with his yellow guppy friend, Cilantro.

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One thought on “fish ginger’s obituary

  1. Basil Darwin, the only baby that was born in my tank and survived the last two years of my negligent care, passed away two days later. She might have died because all the other fish nibbed away most of her tail and fins. She might also have died because I started feeding her more, maybe just a bit too much that day. :(

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