my family

my family

I love these old photos, turning sepia as they age. If anyone asked me to name one moment that I was happy in my life, that was when I was with my family, everyone together. I think I was probably 2-3 y.o. in the picture. My brother was 9-10. We just moved into this new city called Nanning in Guang Xi. I was really cute then. It was all down hill after that.

My aunt in Hong Kong bought me the yellow and white matching top and shorts. I was holding these heart shaped erasers that smelled really nice. They were supposed to be presents for my brother. The TV set on the right was our family’s first black and white. The barbie standing next to it sat in the box for a very long time. It was the only real toy that I had which also came from my aunt. It had these eye lids that would close by themselves if you lay the barbie down. We always kept it sealed in the box so it’d always look like new. I think my parents were a good looking couple. My dad designed and made the couch, and my mother upholstered it. Oh yeah, you can see all the mosquito bite marks on my legs. I had to live with many of them every summer living in Nanning.

I’ve learned to deal with growing up in a single parent family since I was nine. But in hind sight, even though the situation made me a strong and independent person, I would have wished to grow up with everyone in the family living together peacefully and happily. I miss the idea of having a happy family.

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