New Year’s Day Hike

I went hiking at Kecheless Ridge with Scott and Jason today. It was a perfect way to spend New Year’s Day. The snow was powery and pure, the air was crisp and clean. We had a lot of fun snowshoeing, snow ball fights, and Scott made this huge snowball that didn’t want to roll down the hill. [my Flickr entry] [Jason’s Flickr entry]


The weather changed from drizzling snow, to big flaky snows, to sunny as we climbed higher and higher.

IMG_7725[2] IMG_7771[2] IMG_7788[1]

IMG_7733[1] IMG_7807[2] IMG_7822[1] IMG_7803[1] IMG_7801[1]

Jason took these pictures for me on his new Panasonic digital SLR:

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