Friendship Tea Party


We celebrated friendship and reunion with a tea party today afternoon. With my car towed yesterday, I must say, without all my friends’ help, the tea party wouldn’t have happened. Yin arrived from the airport at 10a this morning. She jumped right into the kitchen and helped me to assemble the tea sandwiches and made the fruit tarts. Marsha created the beautiful fruit platters. Clarie made the gorgeous Sacher cake. Kate (I can’t say enough thanks to her) helped me make the fig and prosciuto finger foods and the savory tarts. And Erik sauteed the filling for the asparagus and mushroom tarts. After a whole morning of preparation since 6a, I couldn’t believe how all the things that I had planned fell in place. When everyone showed up around 2, the foods were ready. We brewed tea, and tasted the work of our labor. The food was absolutely the best. In retrospect, I don’t think I made much of any of the food besides coming up with the ideas. Once again, my dear friends came to the rescue and made everything happen. What more is there in life than having good friends to share tears, laughter, good food and tea with?! [flickr gallery]


Clarie, May, Marsha and I were the Hengda dance girls. Finally we met up again in one place. Two out of the four got married in the summer and I was so honored to be in both of their weddings. I have a feeling that Marsha’s next.


I’m so glad that Yin decided to spend the Christmas with me this year. Kari just returned from Rome. The two of them always make a party bubbling with thrills of laughter.

Some people might think with all that drama that happened to me this year, I ought to be sad. They feel sorry for me. The truth is I’m no longer sad! Not only did I find peace, I found happiness. I have no regrets for what happened. Because of what I have lost, I have found my friends again. It’s at the worst moments in one’s life that one finds true friends. I’m thankful everyday for their friendship.

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