drift in the dawn

When the first sign of the sun in the morning crept through the crack of my blinds, I instinctively knew it was going to be a beautiful sunrise. I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod, still dressed in my pajamas, put on a coat, dashed out to the Husky stadium. The sky was blue with big pieces of clouds. The sun was boiling underneath the horizon, already making the clouds blushy pink. On the other side of Lake Washington, the thick layer of fog lay like a big piece of comforter over Bellevue. Some dedicated morning rowers already made ripples in the lake surface. A thin layer of mist glide on top the surface of the water was almost invisible. I made sighs of amazement as the sun leaped into the sky like a high jump athelet within the matter of 15 minutes. I felt thankful for this beautiful world I live in. I could feel life and happiness that in every cell of my body.

This entry was posted by Maya.

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